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 Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 15:45:39 -0800



Subject: new tunings



Dr. Harmond,

As I told you I would in my previous communication, I have taken another kirlian photograph of Norwood's head with different tunings. At the current settings we can see an abundance of yellow light energy emanating from all areas of the head. There is however an overlaid concentration of red and pink energy coming from the central brain around the thalamus with a connected flow to the optic system. We can see from the optical light-energy emissions in this photo that the hallucination/projection system is constantly at work. At the time this photograph was taken there were no signs that the patient was hallucinating, nor did he show any signs of hallucination for at least thirty minutes following the photograph.

Though I am extremely interested in the amount of yellow light-energy released by the brain in this photo, and would like to begin a discussion of the potential healing properties represented by this emission, I feel it necessary to try to capture more of this mysterious red energy that seems to present itself on top of the yellow glow as part of the imagination and hallucination process. With your permission and Norwood's, I would like to attempt to induce a hallucinatory state in Norwood during our next session. Please advise.



see the original photographs as part of the Norwood Funk Museum